Consultant Work
    Cultural landscape specialist Vonn Marie May specializes in the documentation, physical assessment, and future planning strategies for historic and cultural landscapes.  Vonn has been an advocate and pioneer in the emergent field and study of cultural landscapes in California for more than twenty years.  Her professional pursuits include research, writing, lecturing, and conducting physical project work toward the preservation and interpretation of significant landscape settings. 
    “We do require reminders of our heritage in our memory, our literature and our landscapes.....Every     trace of the past is a testament not only to its initiators but to its inheritors, not only to the spirit of the past, but to the perspectives of the present.”
                                                                        David Lowenthal, 
                                                                        “Age and Artifact: Dilemmas of Appreciation,” 
                                                                        Interpretation of Ordinary Landscapes

    All land has a history.  A ‘deep read’ of the cultural landscape will reveal its origins and intents. Those precedents, or findings, can inform and cue the future.  A cultural landscape investigation conducted during land use planning will provide a richer understanding of the past, an account of the present, and a more culturally grounded future.  
Rancho Santa Fe Village Plan, circa 1923, by master architect Lilian Rice of Requa & Jackson Architects 

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Vonn Marie May   Cultural Landscape Specialist